Photo: Radius Fitness

“Three words? Really?”

“Yeah, give it to me in three words.”

“Hmm, okay. Sweaty, Empowering and Twerkout.”

That could be a conversation about the Sweaty Saturday event that went down last weekend called Sweat Fest–

propelIn a partnership with Propel Electrolyte Water, Radius Fitness, and Under Armour, Sweaty Saturday united the fitness community and empowered people to do good for themselves and give back to others. The highlight of the event was a brutal 60-minute mash-up master class taught by fit-lebrity trainers on the NY scene, Natalie Uhling and Keoni Hudoba.

Photo: Under Armour
Photo: Under Armour

First up was Natalie Uhling giving us a taste of her NUFit class with a combination of dance cardio, kickboxing and toning in one high-intensity take no prisoners workout.

I use the term dance cardio lightly since what we were doing did not exactly resemble dancing. If you were to bust these moves out at the club you’d be dancing on your own looking like you took one too many happy pills, and escorted out by bouncers. It was much more athletic aerobic exercises like jumping jacks, high kicks, heisman shuffles and kickboxing moves.

There was also something she referred to as “playing the bongos”, where we would squat and play air bongos with our hands low to the ground while circling our torso. At one point she had us partner up for some squat jumps with high fives on the up, and air bongos on the down. By far one of the most ridiculous looking moves I’ve done to date in all my fitness endeavors. There’s a guy on the 2 train who actually plays the bongos on my afternoon commute who would be bad ass at this move.

It’s quite possible that this Uhling girl came out of the womb running. Her insane energy is amazing, she kept a group of 100+ people of all fitness levels moving continuously for the entire 30 minutes she taught. I swear, she could motivate me to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Natalie is a sassy, bad-ass who doesn’t just know how to command a room, she IS the room–the moment the lights went out, and the DJ started spinning there was no question about who the authority figure was.

Next up, the living legend himself….

Pretty boy, Keoni Hudoba literally was on a mission to squeeze as much as humanly possible into the 30 minutes.

The man made it clear, the event was called ‘Sweat Fest’, not ‘Lightly Moist’ for a reason. Thank god for Propel, who hydrated participants with their new, unflavored water with Gatorade-level electrolytes.

The choreographed build-up of football sprints, martial arts style Forza (chopping motion) with alternating leg lunges, and a plyometrics sequence tough enough to make me want to kiss the ground when he finally called out push-ups and burpees.

As with Natalie’s workout, the movements are cumulative, eventually strung together and repeated a hundred times like a workout dance, otherwise known as a “twerkout”.

Photo: Radius Fitness
Photo: Radius Fitness

We were in the homestretch, when all of a sudden Keoni called out to the crowd “how ya feeling?!” The front row was in full effect, but apparently the back row (my row) was a little lack luster for Keoni’s taste, so instead of doing a

second shout out, he decided it would have much bigger impact if he hoped off center stage and turned the back row into the front row. It’s ingenious ideas like this that make him such a rockstar, it brought the energy up tenfold.

Needless to say my boyfriend who I dragged with me, and myself left drenched from head to toe (always a good look when you’re at the Dream Hotel near meatpacking). I had a blast, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Photo: Radius Fitness
Photo: Radius Fitness
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Samantha Datz graduated from The University of Tampa with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. She is a fitness expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. Samantha’s versatile teaching style combines many fitness trends, keeping her on the cutting edge. Her certifications include Level II Peak Pilates Instructor, Xtend Barre™, TRX Suspension Training, SpringTone® and the CoreAlign® method.
Today, Samantha’s business includes private training, small group training and teaching expert level fitness classes at New York’s elite Pilates studio Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, as well as world renowned health clubs Reebok Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA. Samantha’s regimen involves sports specific training, and post physical rehabilitation. She has trained top professional athletes such as Aubrey Huff of the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reggie Brown. She has also trained celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria’s Secret runway models, and dignitaries such as Prince Osman of Turkey. Samantha has appeared on various media outlets; she was showcased in South Tampa Magazine with “The Best of the Best Fitness Instructors” mentoring a competitor in the Biggest Loser Competition. She has been featured as a Pilates expert training co-hosts Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards of the nationally syndicated Daytime television show. Samantha’s newest endeavor is becoming the Fitness Director for Sharetheglam.com.
Samantha’s fitness training means achieving fitness and balance on three levels: the emotional (The Mindset), the spiritual (The Motivation), and the physical (The Movement). She helps her clients reach their full potential by focusing her training on utilizing proper body mechanics when exercising to help the body operate at peak efficiency without hurting itself.Contact her at sDatz@sharetheglam.com!