#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Resolutions Refined

Okay, so you probably don’t need an instruction manual for dancing and shopping. But just in case you’re rusty…there’s this.

Wellth series: Resolutions Refined 3rd annual wellth series at the Refinery Hotel.

It’s a hotel. It’s a shop. It’s a workout. It’s everything.

Resolutions Refined featured a full daily schedule of Elements signature Barre and Dance Fusion classes, instructed by founder and director, Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, and a curated luxury retail collective by PopUpSummer and founder Susan Sandler, a leader in high-end retail and brand activations, featuring designers Tess Giberson, Jes Wade, Linn Lomo, OAO, KonDor, Indigo Jane, Arete and more.

The Lotte Berk inspired method fuses isometric exercises and interval training with ballet conditioning, the principals of Pilates core work and Yoga type stretching. We took the Barre class which in essence was Physique57’s brother from another mother.

We started with a serious warm-up consisting of knee lifts, planking, pushups, etc. Next up was the dance choreography, leg werk at the barre that felt like someone put a lit match to my quads. The band work we did for the upper body was a nice change from the usual weighted exercises I could do by now in my sleep. By the time we hit the floor for the glute and ab work i was in a full sweat.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen fashion merging with fitness. After all, shopping is a form of movement, and fashion is increasingly inspired by movement. What’s more interesting, is how the fusion parallels the growing trend of fitness as an experience. Working up a sweat isn’t just about showing up, or taking a class. Now, each workout is an event, full of music, athliesure and yes, lots and lots of sweat. Fashion is another tool the fitness world uses to create a completly immersive experience.

The result is an added, dynamic layer for botique studios like Elements Fitness. When upscale spots like The Hatbox it’s in part to set a specific vibe, as well as showcase emergining designers.

All of this continues to show that studios and athletic wear aren’t just becoming brands and events that set new fitness trends, rather, they are becoming outlets that inspire multiple facets of our lives.


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Samantha Datz graduated from The University of Tampa with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. She is a fitness expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. Samantha’s versatile teaching style combines many fitness trends, keeping her on the cutting edge. Her certifications include Level II Peak Pilates Instructor, Xtend Barre™, TRX Suspension Training, SpringTone® and the CoreAlign® method. Today, Samantha’s business includes private training, small group training and teaching expert level fitness classes at New York’s elite Pilates studio Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, as well as world renowned health clubs Reebok Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA. Samantha’s regimen involves sports specific training, and post physical rehabilitation. She has trained top professional athletes such as Aubrey Huff of the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reggie Brown. She has also trained celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria’s Secret runway models, and dignitaries such as Prince Osman of Turkey. Samantha has appeared on various media outlets; she was showcased in South Tampa Magazine with “The Best of the Best Fitness Instructors” mentoring a competitor in the Biggest Loser Competition. She has been featured as a Pilates expert training co-hosts Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards of the nationally syndicated Daytime television show. Samantha’s newest endeavor is becoming the Fitness Director for Sharetheglam.com. Samantha’s fitness training means achieving fitness and balance on three levels: the emotional (The Mindset), the spiritual (The Motivation), and the physical (The Movement). She helps her clients reach their full potential by focusing her training on utilizing proper body mechanics when exercising to help the body operate at peak efficiency without hurting itself.Contact her at sDatz@sharetheglam.com!