So normally in a gym, people pick up some weights and put down some weights, a means by which to increase their meat-to-head ratio. And you could do that here, too. Go ahead, bench-press away. But it would be sort of like going to The Palm and just ordering a salad.

Not that you need another reason to take advantage of a slick, minimalist High-line adjacent playground, coyly disguised as a gym, but their group fitness classes are pretty stellar too.

First things first: you’ll have to get yourself to Equinox. (Nobody said this was going to be easy.) Stash your stuff in the locker room, and make a beeline to the group fitness studio for 30/60/90, New York’s much-buzzed HIIT class, brought to you by Kristi Molinari.

Word to the wise, it’s going to get crowded. It’ll be a scene. Scene-making that fuels the metropolis. You’ll need to mark your territory.

Strolling in late is not cute, in life in general, but especially not in this class. Considering the lights are off, and it’s close to 40 people deep, the likelihood of you tripping over a body and making a spectacle of yourself is highly possible.

I got there 15 minutes early and there were half a dozen people already there, buzzing around getting their space setup, and this was on a rainy Saturday morning! The lovely gentlemen in front of me kindly asked if I’d slide my riser back a bit, he’d seen people get kicked in the face before and didn’t want to accidentally knock my teeth out. It was so sweet of him, really.

You’ll work with free weights (3lb-15lb), a step with risers, and your body’s resistance. Don’t be fooled, this is not your mamma’s jazzercise class. It’s intense, unpredictable, and plays with emotions — mental and physical prowess, too. It consists of cardio drills in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) format, maximizing your effort in short bursts for a mixture of strength and cardio. Which is two birds, people.

imageHence the name, each of these intervals is 30, 60 or 90 seconds long, the last 15 seconds are supposed to be anaerobic so you put the pedal to the medal to get your heart rate up quickly and keep you in the fat burning zone. Active recoveries such as push-ups and side planks have never felt so good when you’re heart is still pounding from the 15 minute warm-up. There were modifications for the high impact portions of the workout, but bottom-line, if you’re not into all-out effort activities I can tell you right now, this workout is not for you.

The class ended with 90 seconds of “freestyle”–choose your favorite three cardio moves and do each for 30 seconds.

The music playlist syncs to that most primal rhythm of all, your heart. Expect an all-out cacophony orgy of beats, grunts and groans, perfect for egging you on to ever-higher levels of athletic awesomeness. It reminded me of that time between dinner and last call when the lights go down, a little extra buzz explodes in the room and the night takes a turn for the can-you-believe-that-just-happened. It was kind of like that, but at 8:30am.

The brain, like a muscle, gets stronger when pushed to the point of failure. 30/60/90 is a solid 45-minutes of “girl you better grow some wings and check baggage at the door” shit.

In true hard-core self-improvement mode, Kristi kept the class moving from start to finish. Like stick-a-fork-in-me, I’m done, finished.

I took the class at the W. 10th location between the High-line and Chelsea Market, however 30/60/90 is offered at just about every Equinox. Check the clubs group fitness schedule as class times may vary for each individual location.

For a small fee of say, your life savings, a yearly membership can be acquired. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but, yeah, it’s an Equinox, so yeah it’s pricey.

Let’s do a quick check-list of how you will exploit it:

Sign up during a promotion: They typically have promotional periods around the New Year, as well as summer. Join now for $0 initiation fee (savings of $300). Offer ends May 30th.

Check with your employer: They have corporate membership affiliations with hundreds of companies for specially negotiated monthly rates that are deducted straight out of your payroll.

Try it first: Do a free trail membership before you shell out.You can figure out which location is best for you, test out some classes such as the one mentioned here, and get your hands on some of that sweet Kiehl’s goodness they offer in the locker rooms.

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Samantha Datz graduated from The University of Tampa with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. She is a fitness expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. Samantha’s versatile teaching style combines many fitness trends, keeping her on the cutting edge. Her certifications include Level II Peak Pilates Instructor, Xtend Barre™, TRX Suspension Training, SpringTone® and the CoreAlign® method. Today, Samantha’s business includes private training, small group training and teaching expert level fitness classes at New York’s elite Pilates studio Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, as well as world renowned health clubs Reebok Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA. Samantha’s regimen involves sports specific training, and post physical rehabilitation. She has trained top professional athletes such as Aubrey Huff of the San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reggie Brown. She has also trained celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria’s Secret runway models, and dignitaries such as Prince Osman of Turkey. Samantha has appeared on various media outlets; she was showcased in South Tampa Magazine with “The Best of the Best Fitness Instructors” mentoring a competitor in the Biggest Loser Competition. She has been featured as a Pilates expert training co-hosts Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards of the nationally syndicated Daytime television show. Samantha’s newest endeavor is becoming the Fitness Director for Sharetheglam.com. Samantha’s fitness training means achieving fitness and balance on three levels: the emotional (The Mindset), the spiritual (The Motivation), and the physical (The Movement). She helps her clients reach their full potential by focusing her training on utilizing proper body mechanics when exercising to help the body operate at peak efficiency without hurting itself.Contact her at sDatz@sharetheglam.com!