Tattoo regret? Enlighten Laser helps ease the pain

One in four Americans have tattoo regret with an astounding one in three millennials. Since nothing lasts forever and the age group in highest demand lives and dies by hashtags…its no wonder there is big business in tattoo removal.

Today on Suncoast View we chat with Loretta Nguyen Zanetti of Tampa Bay’s ErasableINC Medical Spa and Laser Tattoo Removal.View More:


Loretta and her staff are performing over 300 removals a month with the Enlighten Laser by Cutera. Loretta personally experienced tattoo removal for military requirements and is now paving the way on the suncoast for removal with Enlighten. We chat with Loretta and also expose our intern Chloe’s CUT OUT tattoo removal she had 6 years ago- YUCK- they put it in a jar.

A lot has changed in tattoo removal…So maybe you can opt out of getting a few more flowers and actually erase your ex’s name off your bum with Enlighten.