Silhouette Instalift On Suncoast View ABC 7

A simple procedure called Silhouette Instalift can re-contour your face with INSTANT results and minimal downtime. FDA cleared in 2015, Instalift lasts up to 2 years and over time helps increase and restore volume by stimulating natural collagen production. Instalift is a natural-looking way to redefine mid-facial contours without cutting, pulling and serious recovery time.  Why get a face-lift? Today, we featured the device on Suncoast View. Check out the video here and for more information go to or to find a doctor near you visit the doctor finder. If you are in the Tampa/Sarasota/Bradenton area Dr. Susan Winkle has been highly recommended by the team at Silhouette. I look forward to interviewing her soon and will follow up.



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