Silhouette Instalift on Arizona Midday

Ask my colleagues and they’ll tell you that I’m usually the guinea pig when it comes to “testing out” non-invasive treatments. Why not, I ask? If its a collagen stimulating laser or Vitamin C peel, I’m on board as long as you don’t cut me and pull. I’m not a fan of the pulled back, waxy skin look especially since its unnecessary with today’s aesthetics. You can firm sagging skin in a number of ways without trimming it and also make it glow all in one sitting.  So when Kelz PR introduced me to Silhouette InstaLift my beauty antenna tuned in. Of course they told me I didn’t need the biodegradable suture lift, but my goodness I was excited to tell the world. It was truly an undeniable immediate lift to the mid-section of the face in all the cases I viewed. Necklines were restored, and those smile lines were smoothed. I asked people, patients, doctors, what is it like? Did it hurt? Did it last? Are you happy with the results? No it didn’t hurt because the doctor numbs the area. Yes, it lasts up to 18 months, and guess what your body promotes collagen as an added benefit. All patients complemented their doctors and stressed the importance in finding a skilled physician aka beauty magician. I was just stoked, not only for the future of my face but also for the future of my friends and clients. Needless to say, I eventually did get an offer to try out InstaLift. I received only one suture by the incredibly gifted Dr Julius Few. Check out my segment on Arizona Midday talking about my experience.