Ready to get rid of those sun spots?

I’m back on Suncoast View today talking with the ladies about those annoying dark spots or pigmentation and how to treat them in just 20 minutes. Yep, I said 20 minutes and the results after just one treatment are mind-blowing.

Pico Genesis is a professional treatment, meaning you will have to venture to a doctor’s office or med spa for it. It does work, and it does it with little to no recovery time. I’m looking forward to receiving the treatment and I’ll check back in with the results, but in the meantime this is what we know:

Pico Genesis is the first and only laser procedure to correct dark pigmentation that works without heat. Now let’s think about that? No scabbing, no burn face or needle marks? In about a week after treatment you will start to see the spot lift to the surface and then sloff off with the rest of your dead skin.

enlighten_pico genesis_20

Pico Genesis is a 2-in-laser. So basically it targets then breaks apart the “spot” for max benefits but it globally passes the entire face to stimulate remodeling in the upper layers of skin. Creating a radiant, glowing canvas with a uniform skintone. Yes,    please sign me up. Results from the global pass show up in about a month.


How does it work you ask? Here is the technical part… So basically the laser sends short pulses to deliver a photo-mechanical shockwave. Doctor’s like to call the feeling like “electric rain”. Okay, still sounds much better than getting burned by traditional lasers.

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  • Pico Genesis works on all skin tones. Yep, I said it. Bravo Cutera for this marvel. I’m excited to try it out and love all the positive feedback I’ve heard so far.

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