Makeovers For A Cause

We LOVED being at @MyFoxTampaBay this morning to promote #GenifiqueDay @LancomeUSA @StJude #makelifebeautiful FOX 13 News My Fox Tampa Bay: Makeovers for a Good Cause

Genifique Day

We are on the road again... this time to promote #GenifiqueDay! I'm partnering with Lancome & St. Judes to raise money and give these LOVELY ladies as many makeovers as physically possible. Please join me in any city you can... Genifique Day is Friday, October 25th in NYC.


We showed you how to keep your skin looking and feeling great as the colder months approach. We hate the cold! Boo. Watch Mickey's segment in Sacramento Here

The Bulge is coming…Avoid Momofuku and just scrub it out!

Tired of getting the winter bulge and slipping behind that fuzzy sweater you stole from your ex-boyfriend (and yes I stole your sweater you freak)? Well, shall I ask you to sniff your way out of your craving? Cray cray I know but everything from chocolate inspired candles to corn sugar cookie cleansers are under your nose to...