Limited Edition and High Demand Beauty on ABC Suncoast View

What makes a beauty product become a cult-favorite or must-have item? Let’s just say it can be a limited edition item that’s sure to become a collectors piece or maybe an eye palette that generates a 30k waitlist. On Monday we got our lucky little mitts on some of these coveted products and they clearly are worth every bit of hype.

Ever heard of Tatcha? The brand has been the IT girl in the skincare chatter for some time now. Victoria Tsai, the brand’s founder traveled to Japan to find a holistic cure to her acute dermatitis and met a modern day geisha that changed her life.  The Water Cream answers many a skincare woes but is also a sell out in stores and online. The potent and lightweight gel-like formula hands down has the prettiest packaging you will ever lay your eyeliner on and feels cool and dreamy on skin. It has sold out 3 times online and at Sephora and we were told the waitlist is pretty much off the charts. Stock up while you and when you can.

No question, Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most talented and sought after makeup artists on the planet. Her talent has glistened the faces of the Hollywood elite and made Charlotte quite a star herself. So as a makeup artist, I naturally flipped the freak out when she launched her namesake beauty line and it appears that the rest of the world did too. Her Instant Eye Palette almost sold out on a flash sale and once it did…the shadow collection garnered a 30k waitlist. Back in stock for a limited time and worth every shiny penny.

When it comes to luxury haircare nothing comes close to Alterna’s Ten Collection. Let’s just say its in very high demand with the extremely wealthy, royalty, etc. The  luxuriously decadent formulas contains ten high end, super effective ingredients like White Truffle Oil, Hyaluronic Acid,  and even Champagne Grape Seed Oil. The shine is reflective and the scent should be bottled up into a sexy fragrance. The color safe, sulfate and paraben free formulas are even designed to glam up every hair type, including yours. Live like a queen (at least in the shower) with The Ten Collection. 

Amarte Skincare is the ultimate cult beauty find. Just visit their site and see the mentions from top beauty critics blanketed on every single item in the line. One product I’m personally obsessed with is the Natural Finish BB Cream. Not only does it make skin glow from within, this beauty balm is the real deal. It’s loaded with Korean wisdom in skin correcting ingredients. The only issue I have with this product is that it comes in just two shades. Fortunately for me, I fit the Natural Tint hue but for most of my clients its just too light. If you can sample the BB Cream in person and the shade matches, buy it. You won’t regret it.

Just in time for the holiday season Shu Uemera collaborates with the legendary video game Super Mario Bros. The Japanese dup take beauty enthusiasts on a pixelated adventure to help Princess Peach and bring peace back to Mushroom Kingdom with the Super Mario cast of characters- along with a variety of colorful makeup and haircare. This collection is sure to be one you’ll want to buy up, use and also save for later vintage beauty aspects.


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