I’ll have a latte with a shot of collagen please…

On a bright, crisp spring day in NYC I headed downtown for an event at Bar Book and Candle. If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, its an eclectic dining event where the greens and herbs are procured from it’s roof top Tower Garden.

The event was thrown by Vital Proteins with healthy lifestyle guru Jeanette Ogden from @shutthekaleup confessing her love for collagen and the brand. It seems collagen has become the new “It Girl” of beauty delivering benefits for hair, skin and well…even IBS and bones. Two weeks later and many of broth, smoothie and ‘beauty water’ concoctions have guided me to now carry thermos of warm liquid around in my back pack. My family swears my skin is glowing and my stomach does feel a bit more settled. I’m still on my daily intake trial of 60 grams for 30 days and I’ll have more to report soon. In the meantime here are the claims and known facts. I’m sure you’ll be sipping out of a canister in no time, spreading your broth love and results.

Benefits of Collagen:

***Collagen makes  up about 70% of our bodies so ingesting it is a natural way to stimulate additional production in the body

***After the age of 25 our bodies decline the production of collagen

***Keeps bones healthy and strong

***Protein helps maintain a lean body

***Reduces inflammation

***Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails

Why Vital Proteins is So Amazing  

***Hands down its just so easy. Whether you like a scoop or a single serving packet, its easy breezy to get your collagen game on. So basically no stovetop bone brew for 42 hours is needed. 

collagen-peptides-10oz-front-base***Minimal processing is done to ensure the most pure product.The process for making gelatin and collagen peptides involves treating the bovine hides with an alkaline solution of lime and water, which is heated to a maximum of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The peptides are made with enzymes which break down the protein further. The enzyme process does not involve high heat and results in a very fresh tasting product.’

***Grass fed beef from Brazil with no hormones.Vital Proteins produces its gelatin and collagen peptides in Brazil. The cattle industry in Brazil is based on perennial tropical bone-broth-beef-stickpacks-box-front-open-basegrass pasture systems. We have taken great care to ensure that the pasture size for each animal is one animal per 2.67 acres. These standards are in alignment with the Global Animal Partnership 5-step animal welfare rating standards.’


beauty-water-lavender-lemon-9oz-front-base***Vital Proteins’ collagen-based collection uses only the most nutrient-rich, quality ingredients. You will never find added sugars, fillers, binders or any unnatural ingredients in any of the products Vital Proteins creates.


***Huge selection of products to fit your Collagen needs. 

So far my favorite recipe is a noon cup of beef broth with lemon or lime, salt and pepper and big bushel of greens. Cilantro, rosemary, basil, oregano. Mix and match. Throw it all in together. You really cant go wrong…yum yum…

Vital Proteins gave us all a thermos and a good supply of their chicken and beef packets after the event. They sent even more for me to showcase on Suncoast View. The thermo pot I used on air is by Black-Blum and can be found here. For more information or to order visit www.VitalProteins.com.