Good Day Sac- Beauty Hacks for 30+ and Cooling, Soothing, Healing Products

I hit Sacramento, California and Good Day Sac on my summer beauty tour with two segments this morning. First off: we discuss beauty hacks for those of us 30 and beyond like adult acne, makeup pooling in fine lines and wrinkles, rogue hairs on your face, you know all the blessings of hormones and maturity.

Adult Acne?  Sorry, not just for teens and tweens. Blemishes and painful bacteria eruptions seem to relive their glory days on our faces and necks once we get older. Adult brands are looking beyond ‘drying out’ youthful breakouts and are gearing smart products that go beyond stripping oils from the skin- but rather absorbing them and neutralizing the bacteria when applied. No more peeling, red inflamed skin in adulthood. NeoStrata Refine addresses fine lines and wrinkles but also keeps acne in check. This uber light-weight gel has a matte finish that smoothes out enlarged pores. NeoStrata Refine Oil Control Gel ($42.00**** My favorite tip with this product is to use it as a primer under makeup daily. It has a matte finish but creates this soft focus to skin once you apply a powder or oil-free makeup over it

Thin Frizzy Hair? As we get older, our hair definitely changes. We see the first (and not last) sprouts of gray. Then the DIY dye job, or endless trips to the salon start to damage the cuticle. What’s left? Usually a thinning fuzzy mop that may be a


bit darker on the ends and lacking shine. The pony tail starts to become a staple and all hot-irons and dryers are taken out ONLY for very special occasions. Well, I’ve found the most amazing frizz-fighting, shine inducing, heat protectant EVAH!!! No, it won’t cover your grays, or give you thickness but you can finally heat style your hair again to add your own volume. Alterna Haircare Caviar Omega+ Anti-Frizz Dry Oil Mist ($34 at Sephora and Product was unveiled at the 2017 Met GalaAshley Graham, Joan Smalls, Gwyneth Paltrow + Laura Dern all used this product for their red carpet looks. Not only does this product smooth fly-aways and controls frizz for up to 8 hours (without adding any weight), but it also provides heat prote


ction up to 450 degrees, so you can use it before you use hot tools or after your done styling for a boost of shine and anti-frizz benefits.****Favorite Tip: If your hair is super-fine use on wet hair right out of the shower and comb thru with a fine tooth-comb or multi-bristled brush to evenly distribute.


MAKEUP sliding into fine lines and wrinkles? Custom blend with your own non-greasy base and pigment drops. Long been a European tradition and used by airbrush makeup artists everywhere, foundation drops add color to your favorite skincare or sunscreen to get a wash or glow on skin that will cover even major imperfections. Any sunscreen will do (but I’m obsessed with the texture of Isdin Eryfotona Actinica), just make sure it has anti-aging properties or skincare built in and is super-light weight. ISDINCEUTICS Skin Drops ($52.00 @ are weightless but heavily pigmented so only two to three drops are needed. We recommend mixing on the back of hand then applying to face. Set with powder and you have the thinnest anti-aging, protective veil imaginable that will not slide or budge. Worth every penny, as this bottle drops on and on.


***Lip and Chin Hair? Oh how we love those dark hairs that pop up over our lips or chin. Thank you hormones!!! What most of us don’t realize is that the vellus hair (all over our face) gets darker as we get older, not just those whiskers we pluck here and there. Celebs have been doing weekly or bi-monthly dema-planing on their skin to create a smooth, hairless glow for decades. Now there is the first ever DIY derma-planing device that will pretty much change the way you ever look at tweezers or a razor again. Another perk, once you remove all of that peach-fuzz- your skincare absorbs faster and deeper. DERMAFLASH Lilac @ Nordstrom online and available in stores for  Anniversary Sale — Starting July 12 Regular Retail Price: $189; Anniversary Sale price: $126.63 — A secret weapon that Victoria Secret’s Models, A-listers and celebrity MUAs swear by to achieve a flawless canvas before makeup application. No more peach fuzz, and smoother more radiant skin instantly.



Sacramento Cooling, Soothing, Natural Beauty for Summer

Whether you find yourself more active in the summer and need the perfect muscle mend, or your skin is just over-and-done-with the reapplication of sunscreen, we got you covered with these natural, light-weight product ideas.

Muscles sore and achy? No worries, with the CBD For Life Rub ($25.00). Apply the night after a workout to cool down the burn and wake up to perfectly soothed muscles. Got a sunburn? Check out the CBD For Life Menthol Camphor Pain Relief Spray ($26.00), which is made of 99% pure, CBD extract. What we like most about the entire line is all the products are under $35 and work on soothing the skin topically while taking away inflammation and deep muscle pain under the skin. @


Tired of reapplying sunscreen over makeup? It’s easy when you use natural mineral powders. Instead of using lotions to touch up or squinting your way through the aerosol fan over your face, brush on your protection and take away the shine and absorb sweat and oil in the process! Mineral Fusion Mineral SPF 30 Brush On Sunscreen Powder $24.99 @ Whole Foods Nationwide


The biggest buzzword in natural beauty is charcoal. Masks have long been the rage for pulling out toxins and basically the day’s pollution out of pores. Now we are seeing the famed ingredient in face wash. L’Oreal just launched these cleansers and once again charcoal is all the buzz. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansers (Price: $6.99 at in July) Introducing the latest innovation in cleansing – Pure-Clay Cleansers – the brand’s first daily clay-to-mousse cleansers.  When activated with water, the clay formula transforms into an airy-mousse. Each of the three different formulas remove everyday impurities such as dirt, oil and pollution, and are enhanced with a key, nature-sourced ingredient, such as charcoalred algae and eucalyptus, to provide different skincare benefits. Pure-Clay Cleansers go beyond basic cleansing and offer unique end benefits, suitable for all skin types. All three formulas have been dermatologist tested for safety and are free of parabens, silicones, and phthalates.

Deodorant quit midday? Finding your underarms a bit irritated from the sweat and buildupof product? My newest obsession is completely natural and super refreshing. These wipes come in handy and keep you feeling and smelling breezy without any buildup or harsh chemicals. Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes @ Ulta $9.00.