DIY vs The Professional On NBC Miami

We all have a pretty good idea of what we’re capable of and what can be left in the hands of a professional in life. My job as your friend and beauty expert is to figure out how products work, test and dissect them and let you know exactly what sort of commitment and pay-off is involved. Help you decide if a daily dose of a beauty treatment is worth the money or maybe spend a bit more and go to a pro and have them blaze it off in an hour.

Below is a head to chest review of my fave in office treatments (mind you I HAVE had all of the PRO treatments) and some at home versions that are less expensive and provide pretty good results as seen on NBC 6InTheMix Miami.

The big fancy blowout is pretty much impossible to achieve yourself without skipping some corners or adding a few extra beauty tools like velcros, etc.(I‘m saying that and I get paid to style hair). The truth: you need to lift from the root from multiple angles that your wrist may or may not want to bend. You need to find the right brush for your hair length, style and type and girl…you need some of that magic Victoria’s Secret volume spray. Yes, I’m privy to “behind the scenes” info and this is why my entire shower is stocked with this Alterna’s wet line and I always rave about their products…but my goodness does the Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist by Alterna make a big fancy blowout so much easier at home. When I use this on my clients they think I’m a hair genius…I leave it at that.

The Instant Lift Last month I met with the very handsome Dr. Julius Few in NYC (i mentioned he’s handsome right?) to discuss whether it was time to get a lil lift. Most of everyone I knew said “Hell No” but they didn’t understand the actual product I was interested in- Silhouette Instalift. No cutting required, just a thin line of bio-degradable material that is the same used in sutures in the medical industry. The thin clear band is deposited via needle into the mid section of my face, then moved around to lift or pull taut skin. I felt nothing because I was numbed and shot a video through the treatment for social media. It physically lifted my face exactly where I needed it. Plus the material dissolves naturally under the skin and promotes collagen. Now it’s not cheap but something you should consider if you are in the market for a pro-lift. You can watch the video of my treatment here to see how easy it was to get the lift. As i mentioned the pro option is not wanted or needed by all, but there isn’t anything comparable on the consumer side. However there is a mask/primer that does tighten up skin for about 24 hours and its GOLD! Roloxin Lift Gold by Dermarche Labs is basically a temporary miracle. You take the slim packet and apply it to a damp face, then wait for it to dry and rinse it off. While you were drying a matrix of silica was forming right under your skin to lift, fill, and smooth. It’s beyond magic and lasts up to 24 hours. Apply moisturizer and makeup as you normally do but you can skip the primer because oh yeah…it does that too.

What To Do With The Décolleté It seems that we are finally moving away from the face and traveling south to the region we have been so neglectful of…the chest. Sadly most of us don’t realize we need help until its too late and the spotty, creppy, sag of a mess reveals itself in the mirror. We’ve had very few options in the past to target this thin skin but now we have actual solutions. Ultherapy blew us away with its tightening aspects (just ask Christie Brinkley) but bonus… it worked on creating collagen and evens out skintone. By far this is the best PRO method for chest and something to consider if you are looking for results. If you want to dedicate more time and less money, there is a super cream out there and its called Micro Firm Neck and Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex by Neocutis. You can find it at most high-end spas, doctor’s offices but no prescription needed. It’s not cheap but honey its works and one doctor told me to use it everywhere if I could afford to. Maybe not everywhere but I do religiously use it on my chest AND face at night. It firms and softens. It does it all. I’ve had both Ultherapy and used Micro Firm and honestly love both used together.

Airbrush Makeup Makeup is my beat babes so this is more of a tip. Getting your makeup done by a real professional is always preferred and airbrush is all the rage whether in a foundation, powder or even eyeliner?. Here’s the truth…pinky swear…the formula in these cosmetics play a big role however that all goes out the window if you apply it too heavy or improper. Its more about your brushes. I use EcoTools brushes as a pro and so do most of my colleagues. Not only are they animal-friendly they are affordable and cut to perfection. The Airbrush Complexion brushes apply makeup perfectly even if your cosmetics aren’t the best.

Check out the segment featuring these products on NBC 6InTheMix Miami here: