Mickey Williams

Founder Mickey Williams, a beauty and lifestyle expert with knowledge and talent across the board has decided to create the ultimate beauty blog: Share the Glam. Wanting to invent an interactive experience where readers could become a part of her glam world, she has launched a unique platform for all of your questions to be answered. Curious about the latest trends, upcoming events or innovative hair tools? Looking for a way to relate to all your other glam counterparts? Share the Glam is the place. Mickey Williams is a globetrotting beauty, lifestyle and trend expert with extensive experience both behind the scenes and on camera. As an on-air expert and host, she frequents a wide range of local and national broadcast segments through television, web and radio. Her database of knowledge of all things beauty and style has been shared with the likes of The Today Show, ET!, Extra, Good Morning America, and QVC. In addition she is the CVS Beauty Board Ambassador, which allows her to answer daily questions and share her style and beauty tips to curious minds all across America. Mickey began her career as a makeup and hair artist two decades ago and has been lending her expertise to clients of the likes of political figures and celebrities ever since. Previously a Beauty Editor for one of the first online magazines, Mickey has been featured as a contributor in over 100 long-lead publications over the course of her career. Dedicated to giving back, Mickey is extremely passionate about charity and the link between her career and creating confidence. She donates her talent and voice to spread the word on charities such as St. Jude’s, March of Dimes and Brooklyn’s Hope Shelter. Mickey is widely known in the industry and regularly appears as the artist or reporter on the red carpet. Her skills have allowed her the pleasure to work all over the globe in places such as Asia, Australia, Italy, France and Canada with the list still growing. She is currently writing her first book on short cuts to help women and men look their best in a flash- no matter the elements or time constraint.