Beauty Roundup Featured on Suncoast View ABC 7

If you’ve ever seen my office in NYC you know its filled floor to ceiling with every gadget, elixir, and magic powder ever created to make you look brighter, tanner, slimmer, younger, well just about any beauty need. So when my senior producer at Suncoast View asks me for a Beauty Roundup, I gush with excitement to share my new faves with their audience. This week I pulled some brand spanking new tools and also some new spins on some classic beauty goodies. Watch my #beautyhaul segment from Friday August 18, 2017 here and find the products mentioned below:

Beyond the motor or repositioning of the handle and its buttons- hairdryers haven’t made any major advancements in design. Last month I attended the launch event for Revlon Hair Tools and was pretty much blown away with the new Salon 360 Surround Styler. You can basically rotate the nose of the dryer to open so you can pull hair through to dry both sides or you can close the barrel so you can use it as a traditional dryer. It’s pretty genius. Revlon Salon 360 Surround Styler available Sept 1 at Target. For more information visit 

The iconic hair queen Sarah Potempo launched her initial hot iron magic tool many years ago with massive success. The BEACHWAVER made the red carpet and Victoria Secret Runway waves achievable to the masses with a clip and spin around a perfectly heated barrel. Now the barrel is getting larger and larger which makes looser waves that last the day long.


Another fantastic event last month was the unveiling of It Cosmetics 51 new products set to launch over the next year. One product that stood out for me is the Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream. The brand is scheduled to release more shades of the lightweight, soothing and heavily pigmented camouflage cream.


For a new spin on an old favorite, please let me introduce you to my favorite flash highlighter by Lancome. Reflective bounce and spot light glow in the softness of Lancome’s Dual Finish Powder (mind you it is a bit absorbent and smooths over fine lines). I especially like this compact for night time glam. Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter.


And last but certainly not least we always have time for a skin saving sunscreen. Mineral Fusion’s SPF 30 Brush-On Sunblock is basically the easiest way to keep sweaty summer shine under control while protecting your pretty face.