Beauty Detox- Take Away The Bad And Bring Back The Gorgeous!

Fall is the season for renewal 🍁 whether you’re in a city where the leaves are changing or the Sunshine State…its time to refresh and rebalance your beauty routine. Maybe consider that peel or laser after the summer sun left its mark or detoxify your hair and scalp? Time to slough off the old and bring in a glowing version of you. Here’s my step by step approach to a new, glam beauty-full fall.

First off, clean it out… meaning your makeup bin, bag, drawer. Wherever it is, tidy her up. Toss old liners, bring in a fresh mascara, please please wash your brushes and that beauty sponge?  YOU know its time for her to go into retirement.

One Saturday spent revamping and refreshing will make you and your skin rejoice. No one wants summer’s sticky, sweaty residue all over their fall face. So how does one wash said brushes? Easily, if by chance you have baby shampoo handy, get on it or EcoTools makes a solid cleanser. I like to use warm water and if washing brushes used with oily cosmetics- let them soak a bit. Once completely rinsed I press or ring out with my fingers and then take the base or handle of the brush in my hands and roll between my palms to fan out excess moisture and spread bristles back into form.

Whatever mascara (this one is still my favorite) you were using in June should be tossed and any color cosmetics meant for a summer tan should be assessed for your paler complexion. Basic beauty info right? Yes, but now let’s move onto skincare. If you are in a city where the cooler weather is a cometh, consider a new cleansing oil or “makeup melting” formula. My two favorites are Lancome Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleanser and Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. Now when it comes to hair we all torture our hair in the summertime only leaving it incredibly fragile for fall and winter. Whether you went lavender for the season or never got out of the pool, Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo will be your best-friend the next few months. The duo is pretty much the hair fairy when it comes to bringing back fuller, healthier hair and OMG does its smell insane.

Next stop is your face. Let’s get the remnants of summer off. Any dark spots? What about that saggy skin? Gently and effectively resurface your skin with Strivectin Advanced Resurfacing Glycolic Acid Skin Reset Mask. The one step exfoliating treatment works in just 5 minutes to reveal radiant skin. In fact the entire Strivectin NIA 114 Technology is the brand’s patented form of Niacin/Viatmin B3 that is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and supercharge other ingredients. Two other products I’m currently using on the road (I’m traveling to Miami for Radiesse Campaign and to appear on NBC Miami 6InTheMix – video below) are the Advanced Hydration which is a dual chambered Hyaluronic Acid serum and the Advanced Recovery Oleic Acid Milk. I’m telling you will see the difference in your glow immediately. Especially with the mask.

Now let’s chat about those lips. First off, its essential for you to replace your lip balm(s) of summer. It doesn’t matter if they were “for your lips only” and you don’t share (which you shouldn’t). The ingredients and sunscreen can become compromised over multiple applications and exposure to air. Blistex has always been my favorite, and in fact I just wrapped up an ad campaign for them. Every year they launch two NEW products and I honestly get super excited for June because of it. Not only do I get to see one of my favorite marketing gurus for the brand Christy– I also get my paws and lips on the new products and test them out before they hit the shelves. Every year I swear this is the best lip balm ever (Deep Renewal 2014 or Soft & Lush 2015 or even Bliss Flip 2016) and once again Blistex did not disappoint this year with Triple Essentials and Lip Serum. One pump of the Conditioning Lip Serum is all you need to moisturize deeply and create soft, velvety lips. Plus you can wear it under lipstick without compromising color stay or matte formulas. Triple Essentials hydrates with 3 essential oils Chamomile, Palmarosa and Mandarin but doesn’t feel greasy or oily. Plus it has the added SPF and is so affordable you can buy one for every bag, the car, desk…everywhere you wish you had lip balm.

…and last but certainly not least…let’s detox our bodies. I’m not talking about a cleanse on the inside to rid your gut of summer’s excessive rose but the serious soak we all need to invest some time into… a simple bath. I’m a water baby and let it be known I nearly turned down a rent stabilized, NYC, one bedroom apartment because I heard it didn’t have a proper sized tub (thank God it did). A bath renews your senses, de-stresses and also (if you use the right oils) can be incredibly de-toxifying. While visiting The Indy Beauty Expo I came across the most magnificent scent. I followed the smell to a booth where this gorgeous chartreuse bottle lay named Olverum. What was this magical oil? Could this be my new bath mate? Yes, yes indeed. If Olverum isn’t on your radar already, it soon will be. Celeb fan Gwyneth has started selling it on Goop and of course you can find it’s therapeutic love on the brands website. One little capful is all you need to seriously detox from the day and get your mind and senses recharged for the next.

Watch NBC 6InTheMix Segment featuring some of the brands mentioned above here: 


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