Smile vs. Booty #WorkoutWednesday

Did you know a smile is just as alluring as a firm tush? Well, according to new research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), consumers are more likely to spend money on a younger looking smile than on weight loss help.

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin Sands whose clients include Miley, the Kardashians, Emma Stone, Robert Downey Jr., and so many more- agrees that a smile can make all the difference in one’s appearance.

Think about it- since the smile is one of the first things people notice, something as simple as teeth whitening or bonding, can significantly make someone appear more youthful. Let’s face it, chasing youth is the goal for most of us living in the vanity bubble.

At Dr. Sands’ practice, he agrees that maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile is a worthwhile investment. Invisalign® is a particularly great treatment to correct crooked teeth since the straightening trays are virtually undetectable. Porcelain veneers can also correct crooked teeth, as well as broken, cracked, or chipped teeth.

While we at STG do not condone a flabby derriere we do believe a glitzy grill may score you a date. However you may want to stick to your physical workout for when the clothes come off. #GetYourSmileOn #WorkoutWednesday

Dr. Kevin Sands:




So... it's starting to get COLD outside and we want to maintain our nails without the hassle of constant upkeep. We visited Brooklyn's Nail Boutique located a short subway stop from Barclay's and when we walked in we were hit with the BIGGEST selection of gel we have ever seen. Seriously, it took us half...
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Hey everyone…

Meet Sam Datz! Our new #WorkoutWednesday column writer has an extensive fitness background that she garnered from breaking a sweat in a wide variety of experiences. From boutique gyms to killer core classes, Sam will visit studios all over town to find you the best work out, instructor, and vibe for your needs.  Reach her at and check out her first post below:

It’s a mere 43 degrees outside, and I’m headed to the Upper East Side to dance in a pool! Surfer Anna Jerstrom, founder of Calavera swimwear and Z Club NYC come together to host Calavera’s Aqua class.

Let me first start out by saying that I dropped out of dance class when I was a kid. The minute I found out that in order to wear the pretty costumes you actually had to go on stage and perform in them at the recital, I was out. Twenty years later here I am at Calavera’s Aqua class minus the tutu. I changed into my bathing suit in the locker room- very clean and the showers are supplied with all of the necessities and more!

Luckily this is nothing like a traditional dance class… think more along the lines of a “pool party”. Integrating the aerobic fitness philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, this aqua class combines it all together into a workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all fun!

Edmee Cherdieu D’ Alexis Co-Founder and General Manager at Z Club NY was our instructor. Once she cranked the music up, her energy transpired to the class and through the indoor pool roof. Edmee modeled the moves from the pool deck as we followed along, making the choreography easy to follow. We were encouraged to sing along, and really push through the water to increase the resistance, sculpt the body and get our heart rate up. I found myself smiling from ear to ear the entire class, there is a sense of freedom youthfulness in a pool that is unlike any other workout on land. Edmee has a unique way of teaching in that it’s like clubbing with your favorite friend (the gleam in her eyes says you guys are going to get into loads of trouble).

The beauty of Calavera’s Aqua class is that anyone can do it, age ranges from 25-70 years old. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a new way to get your cardio fix, or young at heart with two hip replacements that still likes to shake her groove thing, this class is for you. Instructors provide a great deal of modifications for exercises, and you’re in a pool so there’s little to no impact on your joints. There are locker room facilities on site, with showers, towels and full amenities. Classes are a mere $19 which is a steal compared to most group fitness classes in New York, or a night out dancing in Meat Packing. Z Club NY occasionally offers deals on sites such as Groupon and Gilt City which can further deepen your discount on a class package.

COMPLETE BODY & SPA 301 East 57th Street, 5th floor New York, New york 10022 zclubny: +1-347-709-2582





In a Pinch? Say Hello to my Little Slim…

In a Pinch? Say Hello to my Little Slim…

Oh my… the new Skinny Pinch Minimergency kit lost a little girth around the middle. And she is so pretty and bejeweled for the holidays. Now what will I replace the extra inch in my clutch with?

The NEW Skinny Minimergency Kit is perfect for every girl: the fashionista, the world traveler, the ultimate hostess and the socialite.  This kit will fit perfectly in your favorite clutch, purse or bag. Whether you are bouncing from city to city or the shows of New York Fashion Week the Skinny Minimergency Kit has you covered! This kit contains 22 beauty essentials including:  a built-in mirror, hairspray, emery board, tampon, lip balm, clear elastics, stain remover, nail polish remover pad, deodorant towelette, earing backs, safety pin, adhesive bandage, pain reliever, double-sided tape, breath freshener, mending kit, dental floss, clear nail polish, tweezers, bobby pins, mini blotting tissues and facial tissue.  The Skinny Minimergency Kit will keep you prepared for any beauty blunder that might come your way wherever your next adventure takes you.Price: $24Availability:

Halloween Remnants

Halloween Remnants

Still feeling the filth and grime of the makeup build up from Halloween? Give yourself some me time in the shower and take yourself on a full body scrub down with these amazing in shower scrub-a-dubs.

St. Ives Face Formula & Body Formula

Both the face and body formula have been around to break down the dirt layers for years. New formulas have come about within the line and these two are our favorites. Also, check out their new moisturizer spray for reconditioning of your skin after you shower.

Full Disclosure: St. Ives sent us this bag of goodies to test out pre-Halloween with some face paint and panties (panties? not sure we needed those but hopefully some other editor got lucky on Halloween)! Thanks St. Ives & Hanky Panky!


Genifique Day

We are on the road again… this time to promote #GenifiqueDay! I’m partnering with Lancome & St. Judes to raise money and give these LOVELY ladies as many makeovers as physically possible. Please join me in any city you can…

Genifique Day is Friday, October 25th in NYC.


The Bulge is coming…Avoid Momofuku and just scrub it out!

The Bulge is coming…Avoid Momofuku and just scrub it out!

Tired of getting the winter bulge and slipping behind that fuzzy sweater you stole from your ex-boyfriend (and yes I stole your sweater you freak)? Well, shall I ask you to sniff your way out of your craving? Cray cray I know but everything from chocolate inspired candles to corn sugar cookie cleansers are under your nose to keep your sugar binge at bay. That being said, no one has come up with a remedy for the aromatic slow cooked pot roast yet. Have no fear; give the ever-evolving cosmetic and home good companies a moment to digest. I’m sure the meats are right around the corner and they will likely come in an eco friendly gluten free package.

Yum it out with these picks:

Stay away from Hershey Park and stay at home and watch Wilily Wonka with his little green friends next to this this overload of chocolate scented candle. One hour of this baby lit and chocolate will be the last thing you desire.

Momofuku cookies got your panties in a whirl and pacing in a pms rage? Oh honey I hear ya, so scrub a dub your face in this facial cleanser by Lush.,en_US,pd.html?cgid=cleansers

Tip: take your clothes off and get in the bath before you try this one. You need to be naked and relaxed to fight this demon. The scrub isn’t edible so a nude, unwound sweet freak is less likely to run through the streets in search of the corn calling.

Now that we are onto baths, this is utterly ridic. I’m telling you a bath in this stuff will make you melt into calm. You will be searching for a pillow rather than sweets on seamless after your silky immersion. A luxury tank for the body that far outweighs the edible version. Besides few and far between can perfect the shell on the dessert anyway.

Sweet dreams beauty queens…