You gave it your best shot.

But it didn’t work out. So it’s time to say farewell, go your separate ways and remember the good times.

And, of course, to turn a profit.

I introduce you to FitBuyer212, a new business devoted to helping the fit fashion lover sell their gently worn high-end clothing for cold, hard cash.

If you’ve ever consigned something to Buffalo Exchange or Beacon’s Closet, you can do this–gather together what you want to unload, include a heartbreaking backstory (“This Lululemon racer back tank was worn during a Yoga class with Guru Siri Dharma Mittra atop Mt. Kilimanjaro”), and sell away.

Pretty much anything goes–the catagories include everything from gym bags to leggings to tanks, and everything in between like underwear and sports bras (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure). It should be noted that we’re talking designer, high-end brands here such as; Alo, Lululemon, Stella McCartney, etc.

Jill Moskowitz Fitbuyer212 founder

Jill Moskowitz Fitbuyer212 founder

The Gucci shorts you ran your first 5K in. The cute Lululemon tennis skirt you wore at your one and only tennis lesson. And then almost died from pain and swore off tennis forever. Yeah. Good times.

Now, before you come out full guns blazing, it’s important to understand when to get rid of clothes. Here’s a guide to help you maximize your workout wardrobe profit, and dump the duds:

1. Out damned spot!

Things that can’t be fully removed–intense ink stains, bleach, dried paint, large oil stains, those awful yellow pit stains…It’s best to bid adieu to garments damaged by these offenders, suck it up, and buy a fresh piece.

Keep in mind that other people don’t want irrevocably stained items any more than you do and won’t put them out to sell, so it’s best to recycle them, as opposed to donating them.

2. Funk in the junk.

Certain materials hold on to smells longer than others no matter how many times you wash it, or Febreeze it. While there are always ways to remove musty odors from fabrics, there’s no guarantee all scents will disappear. If your piece smells of must, food, or body odor even after you’ve washed it, it’s time to replace it.

3. Damage is done.

While a tailor can replace a zipper, a button, or even the seams, they can’t fully fix a gaping tear on the side of your leggings, or a huge hole in the middle of your hoodie.

4. Shit don’t fit.

Some people keep too-tight clothing with the hope that they’ll loose enough weight to wear it again, to which I say: Why? It’s silly to let a tank top or one pair of shorts pressure us into dropping pounds, especially since it might not be weight we’ve gained, but our bodies have shifted, causing older closes to fit differently. Getting fit for yourself is fab, but not for a pair of high-waisted pants that give you camel toe when there are 100 just like it waiting for you in your size.

Same goes for items that are way too big. Unless you really love it and plan to pay to have it altered, why not use your closet’s real estate for awesome pieces that look amazing on you now?

5. Say what?!

Let’s not kid ourselves: We all use fashion as a means of sending unspoken messages about who we are, or at least who we would like to be. Oftentimes that message changes as we mature, as we come into our own, or as we experiment with different styles. Certain pieces simply no longer remain relevant to the image we want to portray and that’s okay, but-unless it’s a piece that will appreciate in value, or something of sentiment-say sayonara.

6. You equate it with bad JuJu.

If you look at a jacket and automatically associate it with the winter you lost your job, got dumped, or simply went through a rough patch, let it go. Same goes for pieces left behind by painful exes, friends or anyone negative. Purging your closet of bad memories can be powerful, and it’ll force you to buy new things you really love (and are totally baggage-free).

7. Blast from the past.

Items that don’t stand the test of time, like that pair of clunky sneaker wedges you swore you’d wear everyday, or you’re Juicy Couture velour track suit, bedazzled sport shirts (jersey/number tops plagued with rhinestones, eyelet holes, and cuts). Of course, if you still love and wear these items, by all means, don’t stop! But if you’re over them, and know you won’t reach for them, it’s time to let’em go.

8. Burnt out.

One surefire way not to look chic and pulled-together? Wear clothing that’s stretched out. Sure, the laundry can help certain pieces retain their shape, but when you wear items often, they do stretch. If your groove pants have sagging seats, your sweaters look more like a cowl neck than a v-neck, sleeves pilling to the point they look like a cat scratching post or your bras and underwear have lost elasticity to the point they are totally shapeless, it’s time to get new ones.

So say you’re the kind of person who owns fitness attire, has a pile of things you’ve been meaning to dispose of and likes it when people give you money. Shoot Jill an email at Fitbuyer212@gmail.com, tell her where and when you’d like to meet to swing a deal.

When it’s time to get down to business, simply say things like “You’re basically robbing me,”, “It’s an investment piece” and “This gym bag was a family heirloom,” and then collect your spoils via cash or check. Up front, in person. No BS.

I met with Jill last week to sell a few pieces shown here, and walked away with a cool $120. Granted one pair of those Lululemon pants alone was easily $100, but I haven’t worn them in over 4+ years and they’d probably sit in my closet for another four years collecting dust.

Swallow your pride, and cut your losses. Trust me, your closet will thank you for it.

Assorted Lululemon groove and high-waisted pants.

Assorted Lululemon groove and high-waisted pants.


Lululemon studio pant & running shorts. LeSport Sac /Stella McCartney gym bag/backpack.

Lululemon studio pant & running shorts. LeSport Sac /Stella McCartney gym bag/backpack.

 Lululemon onesies; an ode to my unitard loving days.

Lululemon onesies; an ode to my unitard loving days.

Lululemon racer back tank & Abi & Joseph ballet wrap.

Lululemon racer back tank & Abi & Joseph ballet wrap.


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