Not sure if you know this, but it’s March now. And with March comes March MATness. In terms of sports-related insanity, March Madness gets too much credit. There are plenty of other months to get all crazy over where a ball goes. Paying a month long tribute to a mat however, not crazy at all.

The March MATness campaign is synchronized so that every day in March there’s a designated movement.

I’m not saying you’re lazy. I’m just saying that if someone created a world-wide social media campaign based on a series of exercises you can do while predominately lying on your back or belly, and if that someone happened to introduce it during the best sitting-on-the-couch-and-drinking-a-cold-one time of the year, well, that would interest you.

Good news: someone has made that dream come true. Benjamin Degenhardt is the mind behind the matness. His selfies of the traditional Pilates mat exercises in their original order began a viral conversation about the form, logic and intent behind each. Participants across the global Pilates community come together to share content related to Joseph Pilates’ traditional Mat exercises.

You don’t need any bells and whistles. Just a mat and a boatload of exercises–34 of them, to be exact.

Here’s the game plan: pick an exercise from the list, or go balls to the wall and work your way up to doing all 34. Then, tell no one. Even though it’s probably fine if you tell everyone. But “everyone” is the point here, really. Document it on one of 45 social media outlets, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc. you get the idea. Contribute to the wealth of knowledge the World Wide Web has to offer, and be sure to hash tag it #MarchMATness2016.


First half: Hundred, Roll-up, Rollover, One Leg Circle, Rolling Back, One Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch.

Halftime: Spine Stretch, Rocker with Open Legs, Corkscrew, Saw, Swan Dive, One Leg Kick, Double Leg Kick.

Second half: Neck Pull, Scissors & Bicycle, Shoulder Bridge, Spine Twist, Jackknife, Sidekick, Teaser, Hip Twist.

Overtime: Swimming, Leg Pulls Front & Back, Kneeling Sidekick, Side Bend, Boomerang, Seal & Crab.

After-party: Rocking, Control Balance, Push-up.


Game over. You win. Pilates wins. It’s a win, win.
















March MATness exercise 16 #Bicycle



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