#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: An Open Letter to my Body

Dear Body,

For fuggsake! I know you’re doing the best you can today. I’m sure things feel tired and tight, and you’re not necessarily interested in hearing from me. But I’m the swift kick in the ass you need to get yourself to workout today.

You need to balance out the aggression of your morning commute and long work day. I know you’d rather go to happy hour or watch Netflix and chill, but this is exactly why you have to go.Today. The times when you don’t want to roll out your mat to practice are the moments when you need it the most. Trust me on this one. I know you.

I know you’re busy, stressed, and pressed for time. You have got to let this shit go, and show up for yourself.

I know how scary it is to be quiet when things are stressful, but think about how good it feels to slow down and take a moment to be kind to yourself. Think about how it feels to stretch and bend and move and truly inhabit your body. Think about the epiphanies you’ve had when you’re on the mat. Working out has gotten you through bad fights, heartbreaks and loss of loved ones. It’s helped you release old wounds and realize your emotional and physical strength. When you exercise, you sleep better, you’re less reactive, and your heart is wide open.

We made it another year.

I know I don’t thank you nearly enough, so today as opposed to telling you where you could be better, smaller, firmer, faster, stronger and smoother I simply say, thank you.

This is my ode to you–my body, as you are.

To my feet, thank you for faithfully carrying me, mile after mile through sun, sleet, rain and snow day after day, mile after mile. After mile. I use you to propel me forward through good times and bad.

To my knees, you’re occasional tracking out of alignment is a pain in the ass, but I still love you. Afterall, you are the hinges that have helped me pop a sqaut in Starbucks at a moments notice.

To my thighs (repeat to self…think of something good, something positive, don’t be negative), thank you for your strength despite my disdain for you for many years.

To my bootylicious big booty–you are not something I aspired to, rather something I tried to tame in countless exercise classes. I have since come to embrace you, and consider you one of my best assets (pun intended).

To my core, we’ve had our good days and our bad days. Thank you for helping me rise when I get knocked down, and for helping me to sit up when i’m falling. I literally couldn’t do anything without you.

Thank you to my chest, that may or may not be large enough, soft enough or firm enough to meet the expectations placed upon me by society’s collective idea of what beauty is or isn’t and the expectations I place upon myself. Today you are exactly enough.

To my arms, that may or may not flap when i get excited–you are a force to be reckoned with, a physical symbol of my strength. Thank you for being strong enough to pull me, push me and carry all those heavy ass bags home from Trader Joes.

Thank you to my beautiful, 31 year old body for being strong and functional when I need you to be so I can share who I am, and what I have to offer with the world.


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