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There are a couple of things you can do to get in American Ninja Warrior-type shape. You could hurl yourself over every existing barricade in New York City during rush hour. That's one way. Or just add this ten minute TRX (otherwise known as "handles hanging from the ceiling") workout to your daily routine. Aim for 10 repitions of...
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Claire’s #WoodLandDreams Press Party

On the rooftop of the Sanctuary Hotel I attended the Claire's #Woodlanddreams press day event. The rooftop lounge was transformed into a wooded wonderland featuring pieces from their Autum/Winter 2015 collection. Known as the masters of accessories, Claire's new collections like Mystic Maven are ideal for fashionistas, where a piece itself can inspire a whole outfit. So...
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STG is talking ways to “fake it’ to get glam on FOX Dallas

Want Frizz-free or longer-thicker hair? What about a 10 minute DIY manicure straight off this season’s runways? How about a treatment that vanishes fine lines and wrinkles for up to 12 hours? Beauty expert Mickey Williams says she’s got the goods to get you glam fast with simple ways to FAKE IT. Fast fixes without...
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Today on Suncoast View

Whether you want long- thick hair or a 10 minute DIY manicure- Beauty expert Mickey Williams visited Suncoast View to share some of her favorite ideas to getting you on the fast track by faking it! Get the glam look you want with some quick fixes to change your appearance in a...

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Beauty Innovations On WGN Midday


We all are looking for the latest and the greastest when we are getting our glam on. Our resident beauty expert Mickey Williams visited WGN Midday today to share her favorite picks on the best of beauty innovations. Some take a little bit of effort and some have immediate results.


We hit Chicago’s WGN for some Beauty Quick Fix Its

Celebrity Makeup artists and stylists know every trick to get their clients looking perfect in a fast “Hollywood minute”. Whether it’s a product that revamps over night or a speedy treatment in the beautifying chair- getting a bright and healthy looking glow this summer can be done on the hurry. Beauty Expert Read more