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Always begin the weekend on a high note...

Known as the transportation hub and fitness mecca, Union Square, is hosting it's second-annual week-long fitness festival, Union Square Sweat Fest. Get a jump start on the festivities this Saturday February 20th, with an opening event featuring three 45 minute classes at the Read more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: 2016 Wellness Trends

Today, your quiet war wages on. Your daily, weekly, lifelong fight against the mundane, the expected, the ordinary continues with no end in sight. And while I know you must solider on alone, a little help looking, feeling and achieving the part in your personal quest to live the unexpected life can't hurt. I introduce to you: wellness trends...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Business in Front, Party in the Back!

Sometimes you may think of back pain as a familiar companion. He may not be overly friendly, but he certainly has remained with you for a long time. Remember when you first met. How he crept up slowly with a dull ache and a little stiffness, before long he was all out spastic, screaming at you to...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Resolutions Refined

Okay, so you probably don't need an instruction manual for dancing and shopping. But just in case you're rusty...there's this. Wellth series: Resolutions Refined 3rd annual wellth series at the Refinery Hotel. It's a hotel. It's a shop. It's a workout. It's everything. Resolutions Refined featured a full daily schedule ofRead more


There are a couple of things you can do to get in American Ninja Warrior-type shape. You could hurl yourself over every existing barricade in New York City during rush hour. That's one way. Or just add this ten minute TRX (otherwise known as "handles hanging from the ceiling") workout to your daily routine. Aim for 10 repitions of...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Banish the Backfat

Want to banish the back fat, and the bat wings all in one move no equipment required? Drum roll please..... The inverted V push up! So how do you do it? inverted pushup A. Start in a regular push-up position, with hands wider than shoulder distance apart, then pike your hips towards...
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#Workout Wednesday: Killer Arms for Abs Workout

The gym is packed. You lost your sweat bands. There's a Hanky Panky-soaking heat wave outside. Yes, there are many reasons to avoid working out. But starting today, "not enough time" isn't one of them. So let's say the first-ever interoffice strongman/woman competition has been greenlit for October (by you). In order to ensure the beefy new inten from...
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Seattle New Day Northwest loves to Fake It!

This week I hit the road on my "Faking It and DIY vs. The Pro" beauty tour. Seattle will be my first stop and seriously not a bad place to spend a summer day. I absolutely love King 5's crew and super excited to share some shortcuts in beauty a la NorCal style. Watch...
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Today on Suncoast View

Whether you want long- thick hair or a 10 minute DIY manicure- Beauty expert Mickey Williams visited Suncoast View to share some of her favorite ideas to getting you on the fast track by faking it! Get the glam look you want with some quick fixes to change your appearance in a...

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Beauty Innovations On WGN Midday


We all are looking for the latest and the greastest when we are getting our glam on. Our resident beauty expert Mickey Williams visited WGN Midday today to share her favorite picks on the best of beauty innovations. Some take a little bit of effort and some have immediate results.


We hit Chicago’s WGN for some Beauty Quick Fix Its

Celebrity Makeup artists and stylists know every trick to get their clients looking perfect in a fast “Hollywood minute”. Whether it’s a product that revamps over night or a speedy treatment in the beautifying chair- getting a bright and healthy looking glow this summer can be done on the hurry. Beauty Expert Read more