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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Nantucket-ing with The Class

Look at it out there. It's The kind of day that makes you want to pack up, head someplace like Nantucket, order your fill of oysters and drink beers until the sun goes down. Well, good news: I found the next best thing... Prepare to soak in the sunbeams at Supta Yoga, a rustic little...
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imageNothing wrong with the Hamptons. Really. Except for the traffic. And the fact that you always recognize half the people there. And it's not exactly an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Hmmm. Well, that's nothing Nantucket can't solve. Trade the Jitney for a plane and trip...
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Today I want to talk to you about working out. No, wait, come back. I also want to talk to you about making friends. Specifically, friends with benefits. Allow me to explain…. Your best friend. Your confidante. Your co-conspiritor. And now: your Instagram workout buddy. I'm talking about Instagram sensation TwoBadBodies, Jennifer Forrester and Kasia Keranen. The beautiful...
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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Streaming Seasonal Sanity

You have contingency plans in place for months like this.
Usually they involve your apartment, a delivery man named Edgar and the finest hermit-like sweat suits money can buy.
But that was last year. This year, you'll add a new amendment.
One that...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: The Fountain Of Youth

The month of July is all about freedom. Been chained to a one-dimensional training plan? Have your workouts devolved into a lackluster routine of joyless duty? Friends, it's time for a change in America; it's time to set yourself...
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In a Pinch? Say Hello to my Little Slim…

In a Pinch? Say Hello to my Little Slim…

Oh my… the new Skinny Pinch Minimergency kit lost a little girth around the middle. And she is so pretty and bejeweled for the holidays. Now what will I replace the extra inch in my clutch with?

The NEW Skinny Minimergency Kit is perfect for every girl: the fashionista, the world traveler, the ultimate hostess and the socialite.  This kit will fit perfectly in your favorite clutch, purse or bag. Whether you are bouncing from city to city or the shows of New York Fashion Week the Skinny Minimergency Kit has you covered! This kit contains 22 beauty essentials including:  a built-in mirror, hairspray, emery board, tampon, lip balm, clear elastics, stain remover, nail polish remover pad, deodorant towelette, earing backs, safety pin, adhesive bandage, pain reliever, double-sided tape, breath freshener, mending kit, dental floss, clear nail polish, tweezers, bobby pins, mini blotting tissues and facial tissue.  The Skinny Minimergency Kit will keep you prepared for any beauty blunder that might come your way wherever your next adventure takes you.Price: $24Availability: