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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Nantucket-ing with The Class

Look at it out there. It's The kind of day that makes you want to pack up, head someplace like Nantucket, order your fill of oysters and drink beers until the sun goes down. Well, good news: I found the next best thing... Prepare to soak in the sunbeams at Supta Yoga, a rustic little...
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When you strip away the whole "day of rest" thing, Sunday's really just another day to workout. Earn that extra Mimosa at brunch, and set the tone for the rest of your week with a FREE Pilates mat class. The blink-and-it's-gone Real Pilates pop-up workout will be held in SoHo at the Read more


Always begin the weekend on a high note...

Known as the transportation hub and fitness mecca, Union Square, is hosting it's second-annual week-long fitness festival, Union Square Sweat Fest. Get a jump start on the festivities this Saturday February 20th, with an opening event featuring three 45 minute classes at the Read more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Business in Front, Party in the Back!

Sometimes you may think of back pain as a familiar companion. He may not be overly friendly, but he certainly has remained with you for a long time. Remember when you first met. How he crept up slowly with a dull ache and a little stiffness, before long he was all out spastic, screaming at you to...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Resolutions Refined

Okay, so you probably don't need an instruction manual for dancing and shopping. But just in case you're rusty...there's this. Wellth series: Resolutions Refined 3rd annual wellth series at the Refinery Hotel. It's a hotel. It's a shop. It's a workout. It's everything. Resolutions Refined featured a full daily schedule ofRead more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Shopping Is My Cardio

In this town, freshness is everything. Take that peculiar spot in your neighborhood. One day it's a Chinese restaurant. A few months later, it's a German beer garden. Along the same lines but without the pesky ownership changes, activewear store Athleta now doubles as a fitness studio. [caption id="attachment_5604" align="alignleft" width="197"]Grand Opening Gift Bags Read more

Duck Hits The Gym!

The biggest foodie season is upon us, and that means gourmet grub! It's important to stay fit and practice preventitive care even during the busiest (and foodies) times of the year, and to do it safely. This one-of-a-kind integrated marketing campaign focused on fitness and wellness, reminding us the importance of staying safe when hitting the...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: UBarre X Bandier Event

You've heard the hoopla. So much hoopla. The UBarre is slowly starting to reveal herself. And, well....she's marvelous. Also female, apparently. The equipment, designed, invented and patented by model/actress Kodi Kitchen (you may have seen her on General Hospital) and Nadine Levitt (founder of the app Wurrly) is a conversation piece. And...
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Every year around this time, it happens. That feeling. The sudden, overwhelming urge to pack up, leave behind your old self and live out the rest of your days as a high-speed bike messenger. Or…maybe not. Maybe you just get the urge to blow off some steam with some healthy competition. Literally. In that case, check out Swerve...
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  This city is one big obstacle course. You dodge cars, bike messengers, dog poo on the sidewalk (horse poo if you're in the park), and tourists daily. You casually stand next to sky scrapers and slap them down with the back of your hand. FullSizeRender-5You're one tough SOB. So...
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imageNothing wrong with the Hamptons. Really. Except for the traffic. And the fact that you always recognize half the people there. And it's not exactly an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Hmmm. Well, that's nothing Nantucket can't solve. Trade the Jitney for a plane and trip...
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Beauty For Yogis By Yogis: YUNI Launch Event

I went to the YUNI launch event in SoHo to experience the first natural, sustainable, Yoga inspired beauty brand firsthand. Whether you're a serious yogi, or just trying to add some zen to your everday beauty routine, YUNI is a new brand meant to achieve balance, on and off the mat. The collection consists of more than 20...
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Claire’s #WoodLandDreams Press Party

On the rooftop of the Sanctuary Hotel I attended the Claire's #Woodlanddreams press day event. The rooftop lounge was transformed into a wooded wonderland featuring pieces from their Autum/Winter 2015 collection. Known as the masters of accessories, Claire's new collections like Mystic Maven are ideal for fashionistas, where a piece itself can inspire a whole outfit. So...
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