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You gave it your best shot. But it didn't work out. So it's time to say farewell, go your separate ways and remember the good times. And, of course, to turn a profit. I introduce you to FitBuyer212, a new business devoted to helping the fit fashion lover sell their gently worn high-end clothing for cold, hard cash. If you've...
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Always begin the weekend on a high note...

Known as the transportation hub and fitness mecca, Union Square, is hosting it's second-annual week-long fitness festival, Union Square Sweat Fest. Get a jump start on the festivities this Saturday February 20th, with an opening event featuring three 45 minute classes at the Read more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: 2016 Wellness Trends

Today, your quiet war wages on. Your daily, weekly, lifelong fight against the mundane, the expected, the ordinary continues with no end in sight. And while I know you must solider on alone, a little help looking, feeling and achieving the part in your personal quest to live the unexpected life can't hurt. I introduce to you: wellness trends...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Resolutions Refined

Okay, so you probably don't need an instruction manual for dancing and shopping. But just in case you're rusty...there's this. Wellth series: Resolutions Refined 3rd annual wellth series at the Refinery Hotel. It's a hotel. It's a shop. It's a workout. It's everything. Resolutions Refined featured a full daily schedule ofRead more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: UBarre X Bandier Event

You've heard the hoopla. So much hoopla. The UBarre is slowly starting to reveal herself. And, well....she's marvelous. Also female, apparently. The equipment, designed, invented and patented by model/actress Kodi Kitchen (you may have seen her on General Hospital) and Nadine Levitt (founder of the app Wurrly) is a conversation piece. And...
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This weekend you may find yourself stranded Uptown. Cabs: MIA. Your friend: not wearing her power-walking heels. Your move: an exercise to access the full lengthening and tone of the hamstring muscles located in the backside of the upper leg.


Suspension Bridge

SETUP: Lie down on your back and place the backs of the heels on a...
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#Workout Wednesday: Mira Fitness Tracker

Sure you put in your gym time, and pay close attention to the food groups. (Pretty sure there are four--sushi, kobe, coconut milk, vodka.) Still, life in New York requires you to track your fitness more closely…or find a gadget that will do all that for you. When it comes to certain inventions, sometimes less is a...
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Claire’s #WoodLandDreams Press Party

On the rooftop of the Sanctuary Hotel I attended the Claire's #Woodlanddreams press day event. The rooftop lounge was transformed into a wooded wonderland featuring pieces from their Autum/Winter 2015 collection. Known as the masters of accessories, Claire's new collections like Mystic Maven are ideal for fashionistas, where a piece itself can inspire a whole outfit. So...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Game-Changing Gifts of 2014

They say 'tis better to give than to recieve. Which is questionable. Still it's that time of year when your'e looking to knock everyone out with the kinds of gifts that make other gift-givers  feel inadequate. These unique gifts are here to help you through this crucial bit of holiday crunch...
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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Stylin’ and Profilin’

Sweatpants. Yeah, sweatpants. Kind of controversial. On the one hand, unbelievably comfortable. On the other hand....they're sweatpants. If there's anything New York fashion week people are as fanatical about as getting their hands on the their favorite designers' collections each season, it's getting into their favorite workout classes each week. They all have their alliances, whether it's to a spin...
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Sole Society Fall/Winter Preview

One way to start your day off on the right foot is in a Gansevoort penthouse surrounded by shoes, jewels, brims and bags. I'm just getting settled into summer but I'm not going to lie- the Navy Dimpled Wide Brim Hat (photo below) was a bit difficult to leave behind until its availability...
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