#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Nantucket-ing with The Class

Look at it out there. It's just...wow. The kind of day that makes you want to pack up, head someplace like Nantucket, order your fill of oysters and drink beers until the sun goes down. Well, good news: I found the next best thing... Prepare to soak in the sunbeams at Supta Yoga, a rustic little...
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When you strip away the whole "day of rest" thing, Sunday's really just another day to workout. Earn that extra Mimosa at brunch, and set the tone for the rest of your week with a FREE Pilates mat class. The blink-and-it's-gone Real Pilates pop-up workout will be held in SoHo at the Read more


Gyms in NY have gotten a little fancy. Rock climbing walls. Live DJ-sets. Attendants spritzing you with 68.3-degree Himalayan rainwater. But you---you'd rather get back to simple in-your-face, muscle-burning basics. Introducing New York City's best-kept secret: YG Studios, an innovative bare-bones fitness studio concept with classes that fall somewhere past "hair on your chest" but...
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So normally in a gym, people pick up some weights and put down some weights, a means by which to increase their meat-to-head ratio. And you could do that here, too. Go ahead, bench-press away. But it would be sort of like going to The Palm and just ordering a salad. Not that you need another...
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In a new study published this month in the FASEB Journal on exercise and developmental programming suggests that a growing baby's body and it's very DNA can be altered by the environment it experiences in the womb, the New York Times ponders whether exercise during pregnancy will lead to exercise-loving offspring. Researchers...
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You gave it your best shot. But it didn't work out. So it's time to say farewell, go your separate ways and remember the good times. And, of course, to turn a profit. I introduce you to FitBuyer212, a new business devoted to helping the fit fashion lover sell their gently worn high-end clothing for cold, hard cash. If you've...
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Not sure if you know this, but it's March now. And with March comes March MATness. In terms of sports-related insanity, March Madness gets too much credit. There are plenty of other months to get all crazy over where a ball goes. Paying a month long tribute to a mat however, not...
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Always begin the weekend on a high note...

Known as the transportation hub and fitness mecca, Union Square, is hosting it's second-annual week-long fitness festival, Union Square Sweat Fest. Get a jump start on the festivities this Saturday February 20th, with an opening event featuring three 45 minute classes at the Read more

#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: 2016 Wellness Trends

Today, your quiet war wages on. Your daily, weekly, lifelong fight against the mundane, the expected, the ordinary continues with no end in sight. And while I know you must solider on alone, a little help looking, feeling and achieving the part in your personal quest to live the unexpected life can't hurt. I introduce to you: wellness trends...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Trinder (Finding Your Fitness Soulmate)

Finding a personal trainer is like trying to find your soulmate on Match.com or OkCupid. You want to find someone who will push you to be the best version of yourself and makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws, and like dating, it usually takes several tries before you find your perfect match. Here...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Business in Front, Party in the Back!

Sometimes you may think of back pain as a familiar companion. He may not be overly friendly, but he certainly has remained with you for a long time. Remember when you first met. How he crept up slowly with a dull ache and a little stiffness, before long he was all out spastic, screaming at you to...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Resolutions Refined

Okay, so you probably don't need an instruction manual for dancing and shopping. But just in case you're rusty...there's this. Wellth series: Resolutions Refined 3rd annual wellth series at the Refinery Hotel. It's a hotel. It's a shop. It's a workout. It's everything. Resolutions Refined featured a full daily schedule ofRead more


New Year's Eve--the one day when everyone on earth bonds over new beginnings, open bars and questionable judgements. A time of joy. Of festive gatherings. Of unmitigated stress. To make it through the grand finale of the holiday season, the old you might opt for a spin class and ride the adrenaline train straight into the New...
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