And….exhale. You did it. Survived an entire class with Core Fusion innovator, Bergen Wheeler at Exhale Mind body Spa. Unfortunately, they don't give out medals for such a thing. But please, accept this complementary detox tea and relax those tired muscles in our changing room sauna (yes this is a real thing they offer)...
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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: What Trainers Do Immediately Post-Workout

There's no right or wrong way to workout…. ….is a statement that's false. So with that in mind, Shape wants to make sure your'e not totally blowing it with these tips from top fitness instructors.  

Wash off the germs

Dirty work….

"As soon as I finish my foam rolling session, I head straight to the bathroom to wash...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: A Tribe Called Sweat

If I was to tell you that New York City was to get yet another Yoga studio (which, spoiler alert: I am), you'd probably take a deep sigh and think something like: 1) Please let this one play good hip-hop. 2) Please let this one have a high-temp room that makes me sweat like a wildebeest exactly...
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Athletically, you spend hours drenched in sweat--in the gym, racewalking to the train or just  merely thinking about going to the gym. You beat your body up for weeks leaving little time for any bodywork recovery. Luckily I've got just the guy to help you in that department. Remember those days when conditioning classes used to be simple? No...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Lady and the Tramp

You remember trampolines. They're those things you jump on. You had one in your backyard growing up. Damn near double bounced the neighbor kid into the next time zone once. Well, you're about to meet the adult version of that at the Bari Studio. Or at least as adult-y as playing while jumping around like a...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: The Tale of Two Workouts

Go to the gym, or go back to bed…. Do some yoga, or lay back on the couch…. Go for a run, or eat more bacon…. Descisions are hard. Luckily I had a game plan. I committed to attending two fitness classes the week prior as part of the Sweat Fest event in Union Square. So without further ado,...
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Beauty Breakthroughs on WGN Midday News

Catch the STG segment today and want more info? We've got our beauty faves below and make sure to #sharetheglam! 

Overwhelmed when shopping for the latest and greatest beauty solutions?  STG worked with the following brands to get the lowdown on their beauty breakthrough claims. From hair volumizers to the cushion foundation craze,...

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With all of the traveling I do, I get to see and learn beauty and trend preferences about many different cities. Like some cities prefer a tan towel over a lotion (Tampa & Miami) or straight hair vs beach waves (Sacramento). Different climates predict styles and faves as in the fake tan win. Florida...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Union Square Sweat Fest

I hope I'm not crossing any boundaries here. But I noticed....you packed on a couple extra pounds this winter. (Thanks, hot chocolate from City Bakery.) Happens to the best of us. Best thing you can do now is sweat off the weight. And for that, I'm recommending you head down to Union Square for Union Square...
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#WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: The Hot List: Valentine’s Day 2015

Sure Valentine's Day is all about underwhelming candy, and over priced roses. But sometimes romance requires….something entirely different. Your Nobu-into-Bungalow routine, while always smooth, sometimes just doesn't cut it--especially for the date who's a little jaded and more adventurous (and willing to get a little wet). Love is all about compromise. The yin and the yang. The...
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